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Android Can Help Enterprises in Business: Here’s How

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Android covers about 80 percent of the smartphone market, better than iOS popularity. But when it comes to enterprises the conditions can be reversed. But the new Android updates are bringing the iOS down from the enterprise sector. Upgraded security, features, adaptability, and new features are being developed as we speak.

Why Android?

Even considering from the reputation POV, enterprises should give android consideration. So, why should enterprises support android? We have a few points.

  • Price – Android phones can be available from $80 to $800. For enterprise usage, iPhone with an $800 price tag is good. But if the same features and technology can be available for under $500, what will you do? If you are looking for reducing expenses this is a great offer.
  • Availability – Even if you can’t find an iPhone, you can easily find a good android smartphone anywhere in the world. Almost all smartphone manufacturers provide an android system for their products.

Android for Work

If you are wondering how good android for work is then you need to understand what android for work is.

Android for Work is Google’s enterprise mobile device platform (MDM) for enterprises across the globe. It links and secures the business activities done through a smartphone. In the modern world of mobility, many professionals are dependent on their smartphones to complete tasks.

From business calls to emails and other data transfers, smartphones play a crucial role in communication. The android for work program secures the business transactions while differentiating between the personal and business profiles.

Benefits for Enterprise Business

The android’s business platform can help enterprise professionals to manage, secure, and work efficiently. They can deploy multiple applications, verified by the system, for business purposes. End users can be sure that their business data will be protected with proper security measures. There are several benefits that android for work provides for enterprises.


In the present enterprise environment, employees are encouraged to BYOD to the office. With the addition of android for work platform with company authentication, they can work from their own devices – even on the move. This process ensures privacy for the users and helps them feel more secure of their personal data.

Data Separation and Security

Hardware-side encryption features of android, backed by strong programs, secure the device. The various business applications are managed and monitored by the administrators, providing protection from malware and virus attacks.

Remote Management

Personal android devices with authenticated business platforms ensure that the user can work remotely from anywhere. Unless a theft happens, the devices will not face any sort of hampering in their business data and personal files.

User Experience

Android-enabled smartphones can provide a seamless user experience to the users. It allows the user to switch between personal and business applications at will with ease. Users can club similar apps together and work accordingly. Special badges and opening security measures can make sure that work and pleasure won’t get mixed up.

And this is not all the benefits of android for enterprises. Numerable customization options can also be implemented in the system according to enterprise demands. With constant updates and newer features, android can benefit businesses in many other ways too.