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Importance of Cleaning Your Computer – Inside and Out

Image Courtesy: Pexels

Understanding technology and how to use it is a positive thing. But are the fundamentals not important to know? It’s always like the technical topics will be talked about and the basics will be left out. However, we are here today to discuss those unexplored basics, yet important topics. 

Your computer is probably the most important gadget used every day. So, you should focus on cleaning the dust out of fan vents regularly. This prevents the computer from overheating, impacts on performance and longevity. And it’s fairly simple to learn how to clean a computer with household products. You need not purchase any expensive equipment or supplies just for this job. But so many small business owners overlook this step. 

Importance of Cleaning Computer 

A dirty computer can have a tangible effect on your business. Also, it doesn’t motivate you to work. Here are just some of the things that could happen. 

Over time, dust can build up inside your computer and clog the fan that leads to overheating of the system. As a result, frequent overheating slows down the computer and leads to low productivity. Dust and debris accumulated around the keys can lead to malfunction. Your computer can harbor germs and bacteria that could make you sick.  

Gather Your Cleaning Materials  

Keep these things before starting to clean your computer. Water, rubbing alcohol, glass cleaner, microfiber cloth, compressed air dusters, cotton swabs, paint brushes, toothpicks.  

Turn Off Everything 

Shut down your computers and unplug them from the outlet. This reduces the risk of electric shocks while cleaning. 

Clean the Components One by One 

Various parts of your computer setup need to be cleaned regularly, including the computer tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse.  

Wipe Down Your Computer 

Dust off the outside of your computer with a soft, dry cloth at least once a week. Remove any fingerprints on the screen. If you want to use a cleaning fluid, visit a computer store to find one that’s specifically designed for your monitor type. 

Regular household cleaners may damage a monitor screen, wearing away coatings. Instead, gently wipe your screen with a soft cloth. Microfiber cloth is great for this purpose. 

Clean Your Keyboard 

Pick up your keyboard, turn it over, and gently pat it on the back to dislodge all the dirt. If you’re having trouble removing sticky dirt, try using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol, or the cleaning mixtures mentioned above. Gently wiping around the keys can help keep the keys from sticking or failing. If your keyboard is acting up, you may need to open it in order to “deep clean.” 

Blow Dust Vents, Fans and Accessories 

Every three to six months, consider using a screwdriver to open your computer’s exterior case. With a can of compressed air (available at any computer store), clean the dust buildup out of the fan and the case.   

Keep PC Ventilated 

Maintaining proper air flow inside and outside of your PC is important. Make sure you have at least three inches of space on either side of your PC that’s free of obstructions. Also make sure your room is large enough or well-ventilated enough to facilitate good air flow.