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2021’s Must-Read Technology Books: Top 7

2021’s Must-Read Technology Books: Top 7
We have also embedded the sellers' link for each book should you decide to purchase them.

It is always an attempt by The Tech Affair to keep you posted on the latest developments around technology. Tech is playing the most pivotal role for today’s organizations, regardless of industry. Every technology experimentation and innovation right now is helping shape the future of work for a world that is gradually reopening. While we are able to bring those updates to you in other content formats, we simply thought that a list of book recommendations on technology was missing.

But why should I read them? What is it I will find with the list suggested here and not elsewhere?

Great question. Our recommendation comprises 7 must-read technology books that include a myriad of topics, from AI to science and space. These books will offer fresh insights into all the trending, emerging, and futuristic technologies, fueling your curiosity and imagination limits to a whole new level. We have also embedded the sellers’ link for each book should you decide to purchase them. 

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1. Atlas of AI

Author: Kate Crawford
Price: $21.99
Published: April 2021

Summary: An account of how the artificial intelligence technology didn’t arrive as a deus ex machina, but through environmental degradation, political aggression, and unwanted labor exploitation. It explores all the social, material, and political dimensions that lie beneath the shiny surface.

2. A Thousand Brains

Author: Jeff Hawkins
Price: $20.43
Published: March 2021

Summary: The book explores the biggest question every neuroscientist is trying to answer – how do our brain cells create intelligence. The story follows the discovery that Hawkins and his team have made of how “the brain uses map-like structures to build a model of the world – not just one model, but hundreds of thousands of models of everything we know.”

3. AI 2041

Author: Chen Quifan
Price: $18.69
Published: September 2021

Summary: Can you imagine how our world will be in 2041 and what role will AI play in shaping it? The answer comes as 10 gripping story plots taking place in 10 different countries. 

4. The Exponential Age

Author: Azeem Azhar
Price: $19.99
Published: September 2021

Summary: The book follows the author’s view on how technology – especially that of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other popular ones right now – is changing the world. He analyzes that the current technological changes are so fast and new, they are outpacing today’s society’s ability to catch up with them. This gives birth to an “exponential gap,” which is going unchecked and, in time, will balloon into problems at scale. 

5. This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends

Author: Nicole Perlroth
Price: $24.99
Published: February 2021

Summary: Where is the global cyber arms race headed and what kind of urgent threat does it reveal for all of us? The answer can be found in this book by Nicole Perlroth, a New York Times reporter. With her years of experience and interactions, she tries to lift the curtain on a market that is highly targeted, deeply vulnerable, and holds elements of mass destruction. 

6. The New Breed

Author: Kate Darling
Price: $29.99
Published: April 2021

Summary: This book interestingly explores the irony of the discussion of how robots will replace humans in the far future. Contrary to popular belief, Darling argues how incorrect the perception of humanity has been towards a technology that might be actually easy to train or control, the way humans have done with animals. Just like our history of incorporating animals into our daily lives, we can make these machines part of our everyday routine where they most likely will supplement – and not replace – our skills. 

7. Genius Makers

Author: Cade Metz
Price: $21.99
Published: March 2021

Summary: Once again AI, the question of how quickly it can arrive, and how far the geniuses involved behind the creation are ready to go. Cade Metz, a New York Times Silicon Valley journalist puts in his years of deep and resourceful reporting to arrive at a story that dramatically presents the fierce conflict among nations (China, US), tech companies (Google, Microsoft, Facebook), and shareholders (Musk, Zuckerberg) involved, in creating Artificial Intelligence.