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Is Your Tech Really Working for You? Ask These 15 Questions.

Is Your Tech Really Working for You? Ask These 15 Questions.
Tech investments are a big decision after all.

Would you pay $7500 for new tech equipment or $3500 for an upgrade? 

Technical questions like these, and others abound our corporates all the time, especially the minds of key IT decision makers. As the pandemic continues, brands are turning to the latest tools and technologies that can help them stay online and relevant all the time. 

From future-proofing businesses to ensuring current business continuity, today’s companies rely heavily on technology. With the right processes and systems, you create productivity; with the wrong ones, you kill it. For work to exist beyond the workplace, you need a relentless availability of power-packed tech. Of course, you cannot rely on the same, existing devices forever that were running your digital fortresses, but how can you tell what’s more convenient for your business? Tech investments are a big decision after all.

With change comes anxiety 

Every change in technology brings along with itself a fresh wave of emotions, which starts with the people who are first exposed to it – your IT staff. IT leaders have the immense responsibility of aligning new or upgraded technology with current processes and people. 

But there is one group who’s fretting more about the IT change than the IT staff – your C-level. Since ROI is associated with every investment, your C-level would need a cold analysis of whether the change is positively or negatively impacting your business and its bottom line.

The ultimate group that’s equally anxious is the end user – your employees. It is at this level that a technology is really tested. Arguably, this is the group that decided whether your technology should be completely accepted or fully rejected. 

Whatever your technology, it must find the correct momentum with these three groups. 

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To help you make the right decision, we have narrowed everything down to 15 simple questions. All you have to do is ask yourself these 15 questions when you are making technology decisions. 

Ask these 15 questions to know if your tech is really working for you

  1. Is my current technology best-in-class or the standard version?
  2. What factors should be considered in adopting the new technology?
  3. Why is it important to adopt the latest trends of technology?
  4. Who will primarily use this technology?
  5. What habits the technology is instilling?
  6. Will the technology help save time?
  7. Will the technology help improve experience?
  8. What practices is the technology helping cultivate?
  9. How is the technology encouraging me?
  10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the technology?
  11. How much has my competitor gained or lost with the technology?
  12. Will the technology help create better customer interactions?
  13. Can the technology differentiate me from my competitor?
  14. Is the technology secure?
  15. What are my options, if the technology fails?