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CES 2022 Begins: Here’s How, When, and Where

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CES 2022 starts today. The world is going to witness its first in-person mega tech event after a long COVID-led pause. The Consumer Electronics Show of 2022 is finally opening its doors to exhibitors and enthusiasts of the consumer electronics industry. COVID outbreak scuppered in-person events for good and sent event operators in stasis only to return in 2022, albeit with some adaptations. Nevertheless, technology and electronic enthusiasts are equally excited.

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What Is CES

For newcomers, CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show, an annual trade show that typically showcases all the new products and technologies happening in the consumer electronics industry. It is the world’s biggest gathering between innovative brands and equally spirited consumers – and how they connect with each other. CTA (Consumer Technology Association) organizes CES, the first of which was held in June 1967, in New York City. The event draws enormous crowds from various corners of the world and showcases new launches and innovative products by some of the biggest names of the tech industry. Since 1998, the show works on a once-a-year format with the location permanently being Las Vegas. 

What Is CES 2022

Brief: CES 2022 will be the home to some of the biggest innovations in consumer electronics tech that happened during the pandemic. From drones and computers to smart appliances and electric vehicles, you’ll find almost all your favorite brands and products in their newest, highly advanced avatar. 

Attendance: Over 2000 exhibitors have come to Las Vegas as we speak. This also includes 195 of the Fortune Global 500. Some other participants include 77 of the Interbrand 100 and 66 of the top worldwide retailers. 42 exhibitors also canceled owing to the recent increase in Omicron infections, while many big companies like TikTok, T-Mobile, Google, and Meta, etc., have decided to appear virtually. Attendees from over 159 countries will join these exhibitors, rating them, and investing in their portfolio. 

Beginning and end date: CES 2022 begins tomorrow, 5th January, and would have usually continued till 8th. However, CTA has announced that it will be closing the event a day early. This step was vital, keeping in mind the rising number of infections because of the latest COVID variant Omicron and other health protocols necessitated by the government. 

Location: CES 2022 is a hybrid, which means it will happen both in-person and virtually. The in-person venue is grouped into three geographical areas: Tech East, Tech West, and Tech South. With 11 venues, CES 2022 will span across over 1.6 million square feet of exhibit space at the 3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, United States. 

How To Make the Most of Your CES 2022 Visit

Get the CES 2022 app to navigate different exhibit spaces through maps, connect with exhibitors, and do more.