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Top 5 Tech Stocks for Investors to Buy on July 9, 2021

Top 5 Tech Stocks for Investors to Buy on July 9, 2021

It is predicted by several global stocks market analysts that tech stocks will continue to grow in 2021. Investment in the stock market has gained immense popularity. Tech stocks are a great way to generate profit if the target is based on a short-term investment. Tech IPOs have shown rapid growth. The existing stability of tech stocks attracts more investors by the day.

Analytics Insight presents the top 5 tech stocks today for interested investors, with the best values and rising market capitalizations, according to Marketwatch.com.

Apple Inc

Price Today: US$143.24

Market capitalization: US$2.41T

Apple has been consistently growing in the stock market for the past couple of months. The company conducted innumerable product launches last year, each of which has proved proven quite popular among the customers. Recently, the company announced that FaceTime will be accessible to Andriod users as well which made several tech fanatics more interested in the company.

Micron Technology

Price Today: US$77.11

Market Capitalization: US$88.06B

Micron is an Idaho-based company that primarily focuses on producing computer memory and computer data storage chips. The products mostly include dynamic random-access memory, flash memory, and USB flash drives. With the pandemic, more consumers have been shifting towards the company’s services, which facilitates efficient remote working.

Luminar Technologies Inc:

Price Today: US$19.84

Market Capitalization: US$6.82B

Luminar would prove to a wise investment for the ones interested in smaller investments and good returns. The company identifies as an autonomous vehicle sensor and software manufacturer. Its light detecting and ranging sensors are among the few products that meet the performance and safety requirements in the industry.

Paypal Holdings Inc.

Price Today: US$292.10

Market Capitalization: US$349.05B

Paypal is amongst the most widely used fintech company in the world that offers online payment systems and money transfer services. During the pandemic, Paypal’s stocks reached new heights as the need for contactless payment and virtual transactions became the new norm.

com Inc:
Price Today: US$245.80

Market Capitalization: US$230.06B

Salesforce is a tech company that focuses on customer relationship services. It also provides a complementary suite of industry applications focusing on customer service. Ranked as one of the best CRM platforms, the company’s stock is among the fastest-growing stocks in the market.