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Create Better Patient Care Experiences With Phillips

Create Better Patient Care Experiences With Phillips
Streamline critical care processes.

Effective monitoring of critical care patients is important not only to alert clinicians when the patient’s health deteriorates but also to gather physiological data that indicates good care decisions.

Critical care in ICUs is incredibly expensive and accounts for 29 percent of stays but 47 percent of charges. Despite the high costs, misdiagnosis is 50 percent more common in U.S. ICUs than in other hospitals.

Implementing a standardized monitoring solution can eliminate variability, decrease costs, enhance equipment security, and improve productivity- all leading to better patient care.

The Phillips monitoring system prioritizes patient safety while achieving meaningful cost
savings by aligning vendor and health system incentives.

Read this White Paper by Phillips, that gives insights into their monitoring system and how it has helped leading healthcare providers streamline their critical care processes.

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