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6 Ways to Accelerate Multicloud Transformation

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With the rise of multi-cloud infrastructure and cloud applications, many organizations are now transforming. However, due to its complex nature, the transformation can seem a bit overwhelming. There can be challenges like difficulty integrating complex applications and infrastructure with the latest technologies, business processes not aligning with the modern ways of working, operating models that don’t support the cloud and expensive data centers. All these challenges make the journey from traditional IT to a multi-cloud environment more difficult and organizations are constantly looking for a transformation solution.

Accelerating Multi-Cloud Transformation

Here are six ways to accelerate your multi-cloud transformation and make the process a little easier.

1. Defining the Right Cloud and Digital Strategies

You can drive efficiency through automating operations by having an understanding of where you are on the journey and creating the right strategy. It can also help you to grow revenue with innovation, save costs with agile, pay-per-use models and modernize applications.

2. Accelerating the Digital Transformation

Transformation inhibitors like outdated operating models, old generation infrastructure and resistance to change can be turned into opportunities. The organization should position itself to speed the business evolution to deliver IT as a service to customers and end-users through integrated and agile services.

3. Powering IT Needs at Each Stage of the Journey

Technology is evolving at an increasingly rapid rate causing organizations that take a manual approach to get burdened by costs of self-management and operations. It is best to have a strategy that helps you access the process technology, knowledge and people you need when required. It helps reduce the burden of optimizing infrastructure, and applications, managing security and everyday operations on IT teams so you can concentrate better on transforming business.

4. Modernizing Applications, Cloud, Data and the Organization

It takes more than a single IT solution to capitalize on the digital economy. You need a comprehensive view of application modernization.

5. Securing the Digital Presence Across Data, Applications, Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud Services

Go for a multi-layered security strategy that can offer better protection of your organization’s environment and provides detection, response and remediation of the threats at the earliest. You should also add value to the IT team with the help of security professionals that can offer support by evaluating the existing environment and creating, monitoring and managing a complaint cloud.

6. Optimizing Spending Across Data, Applications, Security, Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud Services

Cloud solutions that are self-managed can be heavy on the pockets due to poor cloud architecture, improperly functioning applications and misunderstanding workload. Cost optimization in the cloud can be achieved by creating a managed hybrid environment. For this, you need to conduct a practical assessment of the costs and ROI on different platforms to understand and make better decisions.

Summing Up

Careful initiatives for transformation are essential to growing an organization that offers better customer satisfaction, responds effectively to opportunities and threats and adds higher value and revenue.